DUI/ARD Attorney

Drunk driving is a serious charge. Legal counsel is needed as soon as possible if you’ve been charged with driving under the influence.  You want to have counsel to navigate the legal system.  We will work to assist you in lowering your fines or reducing your penalties where that is possible.  In many cases, we can guide you through the ARD process (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition), which is a special type of application and plea which reduces sentences and penalties on those who meet the program’s requirements.

Call us – we know that the loss of driving privileges may have a tremendously disruptive effect on your life.  You are entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  You are entitled to certain rights, even during times of custody.  You are not compelled to be a witness against yourself.  And we will work tirelessly where plea negotiations may reduce your fines, fees, and tine in jail.

All your communications with us are confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.  You can come in to consult with us for minimal costs, and we can work to set a fixed fee for representation so you can put a cap on your lawyer’s fees as the first step to ‘damage control.

Call us – we will defend your rights at the same time we work for an alternative resolutions that will bring the matter to a close.

By working as a team, we provide our clients with peace of mind.  They rely on us to guide them in resolving their legal issues.   Our future success depends on our continued ability to help our clients in achieving successful, yet realistic legal outcomes. Quality legal work and hard work are the foundations on which we have built and grown our firm.  When you hire us, you receive the benefit of our experience:  experience built through the hard work of successfully helping many clients over two decades.